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The Town of Edmonston is located in Price Georgia's County, Maryland. It is alongside the Northeastern part of the Anacostia River and is 2.5 miles away from Washington DC. Edmonston is home to one of the “Greenest Streets in America,” thanks to the completion of our “Green Street” Project on November 9, 2010. The “Green Street” Project has become a model for many other communities wishing to “Go Green,” and is just one of the many ways Edmonston is working hard to make our town a “healthier” place to live!


Edmonston's, "Green Street" is a fully environmentally friendly public space including canopy trees overhead to a storm water system underground. Green Street was first constructed in 2009 on Decatur Street. It is the first street of its kind in Maryland. Edmonston is continuously keeping up with repairs on the street in an environmentally friendly way. To learn about the future plans for Green Street, click here.



Edmonston's Green Team is proactively working together with our neighbors to bring the community together in sustainable efforts. 

The community’s health requires a multi-faceted approach: increased accessibility for cyclists, runners, and walkers; clean air and energy; a tree canopy for each street that mirrors efforts from the green street; sustainable efforts for recycling, compost, and trash; and promotion of healthy and local food.

Click here for more info on Green Team!


Edmonston was certified on October 15, 2019 for our efforts to become a more environmentally friendly community. Through our work with the Sustainable Maryland Certification Program, we hope to continue being a model green community. 

For more information on how a municipality can register in the Sustainable Maryland Certification Program. This program also includes a customized green team training, and access to student resources that are available to provide consultancy services for municipal planning, contact ( 301) 405-7956 or 

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