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Prince Georges County Public School students will be heading back to the classrooms, August 28, 2023, and we here in the Town of Edmonston want to help our scholars prepare for the upcoming school year by giving out one (1) FREE UNIFORM (Polo top and bottom.) All you have to do is complete our Trivia Hunt!

The Trivia Hunt gives an opportunity to test how well you know YOUR TOWN! Each set of questions are tailored to each particular grade level and all answers can be found on our official website,

Requirements to Enter:

  1. You MUST be an Edmonston Resident.

  2. Be in Grades Pre-K through 12 Grade

  3. Complete the entire Trivia Hunt and submit no later, than, Friday, August 18th, 2023, at 4:00PM to the submission link below or email responses to


Town Trivia Worksheet for Pre-K to 3rd Grade, PDF Fillable

Town Trivia Worksheet for 4th Grade to 6th Grade, PDF Fillable

Town Trivia Worksheet for 7th Grade to 12th Grade, PDF Fillable



Town Trivia Worksheet, Pre-K to 3rd Grade (Printable PDF)

Town Trivia Worksheet, 4th Grade to 6th Grade (Printable PDF)

Town Trivia Worksheet for 7th Grade to 12th Grade (Printable PDF)

Print, complete and email your finished copy, to



To Get Started

1. Click the worksheet based on grade level.

2. Be sure to fill out the uniform form at the end of the trivia hunt worksheet and include shirt, pants/ or skirt size, color of shirt required for grade level.


3. Please include your parent/guardian's email address and phone number to arrange uniform pick-up time.

Note: The first 10 entries will win a Dunkin Donuts Gift Card! for more information or any questions, contact town hall (301) 699 -8806 or email at

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